We originally had two types of intakes, a long runner (LR17) and a short runner (SR14).  Do to the fact that our short runner intake also enhances bottom-end performance and still provides a big improvement on top-end we did not feel the need to continue with the LR17.  Multiple options are still available for the short runner intake.  The SR14 (short runner intake) has a total runner length of 14 inches.  Although our intakes are made of steel, they are still a few pounds lighter than the stock aluminum intakes.


We are currently not offering these items for sale at this time.




Flow-bench numbers for Stock intake and SR14 & LR17 below.

Valve lift






stock intake CFM






Discontinued: Trueleo Long runner CFM






Trueleo Short runner CFM






no intake-head CFM






On the flow-bench we tested the cylinder head with no intake on it all to get a baseline. We tested the bare cylinder head and intakes at 5 different valve lifts in the above listed amounts.  We then tested the stock intake manifold with the results above.  The long runner intake and short runner intake were also tested.  As you can see with the results, both intakes are improved over stock and the short runner intake will flow as much CFM as no intake on there from .300" lift and above. Pictures on the flow-bench at H.P.WORKS below.


Other Intake details

-         Powdercoated standard color- Almost-chrome Silver.

-          In addition to the stock the throttle body, the SR14 can be special ordered to accept just about any TB.  This will be an extra cost because of fitting and tooling to make a custom TB flange and/or larger dia neck to plenum.  The customer will provide the TB they intend to use so we can make a matching flange.  It will cost $75 extra to use a different throttle body. See PAYPAL links above for particulars.

-         The runner length for the SR14 is 14 16, depending on how you measure it, and runner the inner diameters are about 1.4".

-         The standard color is "almost-chrome" powdercoat. If you want a different color, that is fine, but it will cost $20 extra. We buy the "almost chrome" in bulk and for us to buy enough to do just one or two intakes it costs a lot extra.

-         You will need to purchase a FEL-PRO gasket set from Autozone, Pepboys, Trackauto or you local parts supplier. It is only about $20. We tried to purchase these and include them, but FEL-PRO would not sell them to me and it is really no big deal to have to buy a gasket set when doing this install. The part number is MS 93020.  Also buy a new set of injector O ring seals. Do NOT reuse your old seals they will likely cause vacuum leaks. 

-         Installation  procedures can be found in our main menu.  They well worth reading!

-         Production will not be blistering fast due to how much time it takes to make each one (I estimate about 12+ hours each). I can make about 2-3 intakes a week.

-         Your name on the production line will be indicated by who pays first for the intakes.