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2003 Volvo VNM and 2007 Pace 44' 3-4 Car Stacker Trailer for Sale

2003 Volvo VNM D12 Eaton Fuller 9 speed. This is a pre emission truck, no egr, no def, no dpf.  D12 465hp and 1800tq. The truck was a prior Wilson Trucking company truck and they were very good at keeping the maintenance up and taking care of their trucks. It only has 508K miles and that is like 1/3 of the engines life. I just changed the oil, brakes are good, new belts, rad is good. Truck is ready to just get and drive. I built the truck bed myself and wanted to have as much storage as I could with multiple doors with deep areas plus a strong enough top area to put a smart car on top side ways close to the cab or a regular car long ways. The bed is 11' long and 8' wide. Rear storage is all the way across for ramps. It is built to handle a smart car on top and have room to still tow a gooseneck or 5th wheel trailer. 8 D hooks plus multiple rear D hooks for options on strapping down different vehicles and items on top. I built wood walls to make it easy to use as a regular truck also to store things, go to lowes and have options of how to use it. Multiple LED marking lights on the side. Multiple LED rear brake and driving lights. Has a regular tow hitch and wring with a 7 way trailer output. Jackalope trailer wiring converter box to go from the air system type to regular trailer type. Trailer brake included. It has an old tape deck type of radio and I bought a new head unit that is blue tooth, I just have not installed it yet and if I have time I will. I also bought an additional passenger seat to mount in the middle to fit three people and also a seat belt system for it, but have not install them yet. This is all included. The truck is about the same length as a full size F350 crew cab.  It fits in parking spots so you can take it around town, which I do. There is just something fun about driving a full size truck around down and driving it to work as some of my co workers think it is the coolest thing and some thing I am crazy.  I used it to daily to work for a while and was getting 12.5-13MPG. It has an 80 gallon tank and will last a long long time. Towing the trailer it gets from 7.5(mountains) to 9.5 towing the 44' 13-6 tall stacker trailer. It should do better with a lighter trailer or a more aerodynamic trailer. $10,500obo



44 stacker 3 or 4 car Trailer -

Trailer sold - truck still available


2007 pace shadow GT

44 long

Triple 8k axles

Good abs new brakes each axle

Gooseneck or 5th wheel

Outside lights on the side and back

A lot of florescent lights inside

Top cars max 88 wide

81 between wheel wells inside for lower car

Opening door 89 wide

Door opening height 85

Storage loft in the rear

4000lb 4 post lift for top cars

5000lb winch to pulls cars in and turnbuckles to use up top abs below

Remote for winch

5 side double door

Upper living portion 8x8x82

Triple bunk bed for twin mattresses

Comes with one mattress


Built in tool cabinet

Lots of storage built in cabinets

Large side tool box if wanted

3500 generator

AC speced out but not done yet as I was going to use a split unit (easy to add for $500 self included kit)

Electric lift makes life easy

All electric done and ready.

Outside plugs

2 spare Goodyear tires

You can fit 2 cars up top with the current configuration

1 car below plus a golf cart and pit cart.

If you took away the sleeping area you could fit 3 cars up top and 1, possibly 2 below.

Cost new was over 80k.

Needs nothing. I am selling it because I was going to have a two car trans and haul another teams car. That is too much for me at this time with work and family. I am now only going to have one car and I can not justify keeping it for one car, but it sure is nice having the room. It could use a good cleaning, but other than that it needs nothing. Clean title and ready to go.


23 door to engine cabinet

15 engine cabinet to front 66 wide

Ramps 13 long.

2 in between.

Car can come forward of front one. .