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Lotus Elise Side Skirts.   SOLD OUT
Install instructions here

This is a new product and in very limited production so once they are sold out they are sold out. Do not wait or they will be gone. It took me about a year to go through the prototypes, get the molds made and then get the side skirts all finished. I only ordered a small quantity and once they are sold out it may take 6-12 months to get more made if we decided to do another production run.

These side skirts really make the Lotus look great and the pictures do not do it justice. I wanted a side skirt that was very affordable, looked great and kept the grime from getting on the side of the car from everyday use and from track events. I am very happy with the look and function of these. They do not hinder your entry or exit from the car as the sides curve in to follow the lines of the car and they really flow well. They only weight about 3 lbs for both sides combined. They simply rivet to the bottom of the car and take a short time to install them. They come finished and unfinished.

Unfinished- $275 - Plain fiberglass and rivets only. You will need to finish yourself. Finish tips below. I just do not have the time to finish them myself with the race season and projects I have right now.


Basic finishing instructions
Clean them off- I just use water and then the first sanding does the rest
Sand them- I use 320 grit wet and sand them until smooth
Glaze- I use a good quality glaze to fix any blemishes that would be in the fiberglass as part of the process. You could also just glaze the entire skirts and that will work also. I like to let it dry for a good period of time to make sure.
Sand again- You can use 320 grit again and sand the glaze. This should leave a few spots that show you fixed imperfections.
Prime- Put a layer or two of prime on it and let it dry.
Sand again- Maybe 600 grit and look at it. If you see any spots you might have missed do a little glaze again and left it dry and sand again.
Prime again- Maybe 2-3 coats and let it dry.
Sand again- I like to use 600 grit at this time time and wet.
Let it dry good and wipe it off for dust.
Paint in the final color. I like flat black, but that is me.
For the rubber portion I pull that apart and then hang it between two things that will hold it. I use black primer and two coats. Let it dry well.
I let the rubber overhang both sides, pull the sticky tape and put it on. I then use a cutter on the ends. Most of it will not be seen, but it makes a nice clean seam when done.
Now install and use directions above for it.



How hard to install?
Not that hard. You just jack up the car on the one side to get it high enough to get a rivet gun and drill under the car. It should take less than an hour to install.

Will it fit on an Exige?
Yes, with some work it will fit. The front portion of the Exige has a different shape then the Elise. You will need to cut a portion of the side skirt to make it fit. I will have specific instructions on fitment here soon and may have an option in which it will be complete here. I just need an Exige to test fit first. I just do not have a test car yet to take pictures and full details. If you have an Exige purchase the unfinished product. 

How long to ship?
If you order and unfinished kit it is usually a day or two. The finished kits will add 1-2 weeks before shipment to finish the parts as they are finished on a per order basis.

Can you ship international on these?
I am checking here now to see what the cost will be since the package is very larger, but light. The box will be 10"x6"x70". The large size might make it not possible to ship overseas. I am going to check with UPS and FedEx to see if it can be done.

Why is shipping so much money?
Two reasons. The boxes and materials cost a lot due to the large and special size box. Also, shipping charges oversized fees. Priority mail USPS is $55, plus the box and bubble rap cost me $15.